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Good news for everyone:

Now you can book your KTM Intercity ticket online via KTMB e-Ticket website.

Please refer to this guide for more info.

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updated on October 23rd 2012

38 thoughts on “KTMB e-ticket online booking

  1. nurul amirah abdul halim

    hello i nak booking keretapi dari johor bahru ke kuala lipis,pahang pada 7hb 8 2013 pagi ya

    1. LANDASAN Post author

      Maaf, pihak kami belum mempunyai maklumat berkenaan perjalanan tersebut lagi pada masa sekarang.

  2. Lee Su win

    I have booked tickets online in many parts of the world but I have yet to come across one as unfriendly as KTMB ‘s. I must have tried, at least 8 times, to book ONE ticket, but it has simply been impossible!

    Please get a professional to do the booking website properly.

    1. LANDASAN Post author

      We are sorry to hear about your difficulty in booking the tickets. We are also looking forward to work with KTM Berhad to improve its ticket booking system some time in near future. Thank you for your feedback.

  3. Beiodm

    I tried booking e ticket twice today through debit card and the webpage kept loading without any response. I checked my bank balance and my money was deducted, yet i did not managed to get any seats/ticket. Called up KTMB and they said they don’t accept debit card, last month i used debit card to purchase without any problems, but why this month no more?and why ktmb still charged me for the ticket i failed to purchase?!! Please respond!

    1. firdaus

      please respond to this issue. i also bought and nothing i get. u charge my account but didnt give anything even reference number.

  4. Nur zahida binti mad zom

    Salam, nak tanya tiket malam dari parit buntar ke sg buloh pada 16 dan 17 ogos ada lagi tak?

  5. Teayagarajan

    I need to know is there any direct trains from Alor Setar to JohorBahru sentral on 4 nov..?
    How many hours will it takes to reach Johor Bahru..?
    How much the fares for first class and second class..?
    Need assistance..on this..
    Thanks. .

    1. LANDASAN Post author

      Dear Teayagarajan,

      You need to find trains to KL Sentral first then find another service to Johor Bahru.

  6. Ryesen Ng

    Hi, may I know why this few weeks I can’t go through the intranet for buying the e-ticket? I have already try many times but the webpage still can’t go through without any respond. Kindly please reply me.
    Hope the management can update the system ASAP.
    Thank you.

    1. LANDASAN Post author

      Hello Ryesen,

      You should be able to click to KTMB Intranet system to book your ticket now. I have checked the link just now and it appears to be working.

  7. junjun

    I try to purchase the train ticket from Singapore back to KL Sentra, from the system have 4 seats available but once click the pop-up messages said this seat is blocked.. may I know is the case?
    Can I go to KL counter to buy the ticket from Woodland to KL?
    In the case that I facing, is the seat available or not? or should I go to purchase direct from the KL counter?
    your immediate reply is highly appreciated.

    1. LANDASAN Post author

      Hello Junjun,

      If you cannot choose that particular seat during your online booking, I would advise you to buy the tickets directly at the counter.

  8. nunie

    Saya nak booking tiket keretapi..
    4 katil bawah pada 8/4/2014
    1 dr kl sentral ke pasir mas(noor aini fauzi)
    3 dr tampin ke pasir mas
    (Faizah fauzi,nor tiara fauzi,khairul affendi fauzi)


    Salam… saya FATIN IZZATI BINTI AZHAR nak booking tiket utk dua org pada 27/6/2014.
    Dari Pulau Sebang, Tampin, Negeri Sembilan ke Sungai PetanI, Kedah boleh tak? ada lagi tak?
    Kalau ada nak ptg atau mlm yew…..


    Assalam. Saya nak tempah tiket dari Kempas Baru ke Dabong pada 08 Ogos 2014 untuk 7 orang dan tiket balik dari Dabong ke Kempas Baru pada 10 Ogos 2014 untuk 5 orang. Kalau boleh nak malam ye. Terima Kasih.

  11. shafi

    saya nak tiket tanjung malim ke butterworth pada 3 oct 2014 pada sebelah malam…dan tiket dari butterworth ke tanjung malim pada 6 oct 2014 pada sebelah siang..ada x?

  12. mohd hidayat

    hello..saya dah book and paid my ticket tapi saya tak dapat print..jika saya tunjukkan ref.id tiket saya,boleh kan? ataupun saya ambil photo tiket dari online ni?

  13. junainah abu bakar

    Saya hendak tempah tiket keretapi yang ada katil atau bilik untuk 2 orang dari penang ke johor pada petang atau malam pada 18 hb october 2014 ini yang boleh sampai ke johor pada 19 october 2014 sebelum pukul 9 pagi ada x kalau ada saya nak booking untuk 2 dewasa

  14. Norhaliza

    Hai, sy nak tau harga tiket kanak2 dan dewasa dari stesen kluang ke JB Central. Hal ini kerana saya mahu merancang kertas kerja untuk lawatan menaiki keretapi murid-murid di sekolah saya.


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