KTMB E-Ticket Booking Guide

First and foremost, log on to KTMB e-Ticket website (https://intranet.ktmb.com.my/e-ticket/login.aspx). Then proceed with the steps below.

1. When you open KTMB E-Ticket website, you will see the above screenshot.

(Click more to see the complete guide)

2. If you have registered, please proceed with Step 4. If you have not registered, please proceed to step 5.
3. Please fill in the fields as shown in the screenshot.

4. Click OK and log in using the newly-created account.

5. Fill in the username and password and click “Login”.

6. The booking screen is showed as above.

7. Fill in your origin station and destination as well as journey date.

8. Select the coach type available. When it is sold out “0” will be displayed on “Seat availability.

9. Fill in passenger details.

10. Select coach label.

11. Once coach label is selected, you can choose your seat/bed in the coach.

12. Finally, please pay fare using VISA or Mastercard.


  1. You can complete your payment by using a debit card.
  2. You need to be registered for “Verified by VISA” verification system. It is not required for all cards. However, Maybankard VISA debit requires it. Log on to maybank2u to register for Verified by VISA.

42 thoughts on “KTMB E-Ticket Booking Guide

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  6. James

    Yip same problem here, no circle bullets. I’ve tried different browsers, chrome, firefox and explorer. none have fixed the issue. so It must be their website thats broken. Ill email them and inform them.

  7. Lean

    What will happen if I booked a ticket to KTM train online. But during the payment. the website have a problem and my transaction was not successful. But I was surprised because the payment was already deducted from my account. But I didn’t receive any notification or anything. What should I do. Hope you can help me. Thanks

    1. LANDASAN Post author

      Dear Lean,

      You need to contact KTMB Customer service to ask for a refund. Please share with us your experience in dealing with the customer service.

  8. Yow

    I have encountered the same problem with Lean as I have paid the ticket and have problem with the website. But I didn’t receive any notification or anything. So I need to call the Customer Service for refund?

    1. LANDASAN Post author

      I would suggest you to call them or go to KL Sentral office directly for refund. Please also specify your proof of payment.

      1. Lai wei keng

        I have face the same problem..
        Payment success,but no notification and reply..
        When I call and ask,told me never received my payment..
        What’s going on?

        And the stuff tell me email her,I done, until now I still haven’t get any reply..
        How do I take back the refund??

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  11. Neil

    It says my password and username are incorrect when I try to login.
    I registered with 2 different email accounts and had the same problem both times.
    I guess if the website doesn’t work then they have found a cheap way to fix it, don’t let anyone login!

    I can’t book a ticket. I want to go from Hat Yai in Thailand to Pedang Besar in Malaysia – can I book via Thai railways? I want to book well in advance, online.

  12. OnE


    I always prefer to buy KTMB ticket online but if the website is not working, you also can call 1300 885 862 and book your ticket for free. Then go to the nearest ticket counter, pay and collect your ticket.

  13. kaiwei

    I have problem clicking the coach type !!!
    use firefox, google chrome, IE also same problem.

    pls solve this problem lah~

  14. kaiwei

    then problem is woodland CIQ –> rengam
    the coach type hvnt show pic only show ” No data to display”
    what happend?

    1. Ikhwan

      – Maybe there’s no train available
      – all the tickets had been sold
      – you only can purchase the ticket 1month before the trip (I also dont know how this work, sometimes it’s not really 1 month, just around 27-29 days)

  15. f**k ktmb

    I tried 3-4 times to make a payment. its says Transaction unsuccessful??? what the hell is going on??? arghhhhh

  16. Tham yuan yeng

    I was about to buy ktm ticket online. But during the payment it showed me that my transaction was not successful, I was surprised that because the payment was already deducted from my account. But I didn’t receive any notification about my ticket or anything. Please let me know What should I do Now. Thanks

  17. Avena Kam

    I am a first time use of this website, I tried calling d call centre to buy tickets but was put on hole and on hold and on hold ,, till d line went off. It happened for at least 7 times and i am fedup calling. Can the support group do something about the customer call line pls. its very frustrating to wait and then d call went off like that.

  18. Ashish Mishra

    Sir my flight is at 10.00 o’ clock in morning from killa 2 can I take a night train from jb sentral to kualumpur sentral are the trains moved from one station to another on time or late and how much time
    Please help me

  19. Mohattamad

    How am I going to benefit half fare price for “warga emas” i.e pensioner aged above 60 years by using electronic booking sysem?

  20. Ahmad Yusof

    I have been trying for days to register by filling up the required particulars and the web keep on popping up these nonsense messages “please confirm your email …… ” and “username is already used……” Really frustrating especially for an elderly man like myself. How to confirm your email? I browsed through the registered email so many times, but not a single-damn word came from KTMB.
    The purpose of having an on-line e-ticket booking webpages is to easily facilitate customers to get their tickets fast and smooth. But, the KTMB E-Ticket is a dismay and may be reflect the ignorance attitude of the staff concerned.
    KTMB – please wake up. Even this particular web is outdated. You can be outdated but, do not let KTMB shrink with you!




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