Alor Setar Railway Station

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Alor Setar railway station is a railway station located in Jalan Stesyen, 5000, Alor Setar, Kedah. This station provides KTM Intercity service.

Station information


Arrivals and departures

Alor Setar Railway Station serves the following KTM Intercity routes. Click on each respective route page for schedule information.


Alor Setar railway station relocation proposal

In 2001, the government proposed to move Alor Setar railway station to a place in Anak Bukit. This proposal however has sparked controversy among residents because they do not want the original railway station building to be demolished.

LANDASAN: Build a new one at Anak Bukit and change the function of the current Alor Setar terminal. Use it as something else instead of demolishing it. Maybe KTMB can apply the Kuala Lumpur Station – KL Sentral Station concept in Alor Setar, where the old station is still being used to to its proximity with the heart of the city (Alor Setar).


  • Train timetable: Official KTMB website (

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