Arau Railway Station

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Arau railway station is a railway station located in Arau, Perlis,  Malaysia. This station serves KTM Komuter and ETS.

Station Information

AddressStesen Keretapi Arau, Jalan Stesyen, 02600, Arau, Perlis
Tel. No.+603-2267 1200
Route(s)KTM Intercity
Platform1 (1 platform tepi)
OKU AccessYes
SurauTiada (ada sebuah masjid berdekatan)


Arrival and Departure Information

The following table displays arrival and departure information of this station

5:33 PMETS - EG9215Padang BesarKL Sentral


Taxi service to Langkawi

Some of our visitors arrived here by searching (Googling) for “keretapi ke Langkawi). While it is not possible for us to board a train directly to Langkawi, many Langkawi-bound tourists will board a taxi to Kuala Perlis Jetty once they arrive at Arau railway station.


  • Train timetable: KTMB official website (
  • Phone number and addresses: KTMB official website and YellowPages Malaysia


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11 thoughts on “Arau Railway Station

  1. niranjan

    i need to travel from kuala perlis to Arau railway station, How much i need to pay for Taxi , I need to go Bankok by train

  2. Haya

    good morning !

    i have been searching on internet all today just to know “what is the schedule of trains to/from (Kuala Perlis-Betterworth) and i am not able to understand !!, please help me all i want is to expirence the train in Malaysia during my trip by road from Penang to Linkagwai and back to Penang

    Many thanks
    Haya al Mousa

      1. haya

        Many thanks for the reply :), nevertheless , again the website is not understood , untill now i cant find clearly the schedule from Kuala Perlis (Arau) to Betterworth, i don’t know why is it very few? i

  3. haya

    Or Maybe i found it !! can you confirm this result with me?

    Bangkok-Butterworth :

    Arau 10:34:00
    Alor Setar 11:17:00
    Sungai Petani 12:26:00
    Bukit Mertajam 13:06:00
    Butterworth 13:30:00

  4. Pavitra

    Good morning..

    From Arau, Perlis to Butturworth, Penang

    How much will it cost to send a motorbike from Arau to butturworth?

  5. Imran Arshad

    Can you please tell me is there any train available today from Arau to KL Sentral.
    And also Phone number of Arau Railway Station to ask anything in future.


  6. bella

    salam ,saya dari Langkawi dan saya akan terus ke KTM arau untuk ke Selangor .Adakah saya perlu membeli ticket secara online atau boleh terus ke kaunter ticket on the spot pada hari berkenaan ?


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