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ETS aka Electric Train Service is a high speed passenger train service provided by KTM (Keretapi Tanah Melayu) Berhad. ETS’ operational speed is up to 140 km/h. It links between Ipoh to Kuala Lumpur (KL Sentral). Like all other rail-based transport, it has added advantage because it does not affected by road traffic, especially during peak hours.

Listed below are the schedules and fare structure of KTM ETS service.

Update March 27th 2013: Now, you can buy ETS tickets online via KTMB e-Ticket system. Click here for more info.

Update July 27th 2014: The schedule is verified and it is still up-to-date.

Click here for ETS Fare Structure.

Update December 4th 2014: Updated ETS schedules. Refer below.

ETS Schedules




Listed below is the ETS schedules by service number. If you are looking for ETS schedules by station, try visiting the following railway station pages above.

Jadual perjalanan di bawah menyenaraikan perjalanan tren ETS mengikut nombor perkhidmatan. Jika anda ingin melihat jadual ETS mengikut stesen, sila klik pautan yang bersesuaian di atas.

ETS Gold – EG 01

Station Time
Ipoh 5:00 AM
Batu Gajah 5:09 AM
Kampar 5:21 AM
Tapah Road 5:31 AM
Sungkai 5:44 AM
Slim River 5:59 AM
Tanjung Malim 6:13 AM
Rawang 6:43 AM
Kepong Sentral 7:01 AM
Kuala Lumpur 7:15 AM
KL Sentral 7:20 AM


ETS Gold – EG 02

Station Time
KL Sentral 6:00 AM
Kuala Lumpur 6:04 AM
Kepong Sentral 6:17 AM
Rawang 6:35 AM
Tanjung Malim 7:05 AM
Slim River 7:19 AM
Sungkai 7:34 AM
Tapah Road 7:47 AM
Kampar 7:57 AM
Batu Gajah 8:09 AM
Ipoh 8:20 AM


ETS Gold – EG 03

Station Time
Ipoh 8:00 AM
Batu Gajah 8:09 AM
Kampar 8:21 AM
Tapah Road 8:31 AM
Sungkai 8:44 AM
Slim River 8:59 AM
Tanjung Malim 9:13 AM
Rawang 9:43 AM
Kepong Sentral 10:01 AM
Kuala Lumpur 10:15 AM
KL Sentral 10:20 AM


ETS Gold – EG 04

Station Time
KL Sentral 9:00 AM
Kuala Lumpur 9:04 AM
Kepong Sentral 9:17 AM
Rawang 9:35 AM
Tanjung Malim 10:05 AM
Slim River 10:19 AM
Sungkai 10:34 AM
Tapah Road 10:47 AM
Kampar 10:57 AM
Batu Gajah 11:09 AM
Ipoh 11:20 AM


ETS Gold – EG 05

Station Time
Ipoh 11:00 AM
Batu Gajah 11:09 AM
Kampar 11:21 AM
Tapah Road 11:31 AM
Sungkai 11:44 AM
Slim River 11:59 AM
Tanjung Malim 12:13 PM
Rawang 12:43 PM
Kepong Sentral 1:01 PM
Kuala Lumpur 1:15 PM
KL Sentral 1:20 PM


ETS Gold – EG 06

Station Time
KL Sentral 1:00 PM
Kuala Lumpur 1:04 PM
Kepong Sentral 1:17 PM
Rawang 1:35 PM
Tanjung Malim 2:05 PM
Slim River 2:19 PM
Sungkai 2:34 PM
Tapah Road 2:47 PM
Kampar 2:57 PM
Batu Gajah 3:09 PM
Ipoh 3:20 PM


ETS Gold – EG 07

Station Time
Ipoh 12:00 PM
Batu Gajah 12:09 PM
Kampar 12:21 PM
Tapah Road 12:31 PM
Sungkai 12:44 PM
Slim River 12:59 PM
Tanjung Malim 1:13 PM
Rawang 1:43 PM
Kepong Sentral 2:01 PM
Kuala Lumpur 2:15 PM
KL Sentral 2:20 PM


ETS Gold – EG 08

Station Time
KL Sentral 2:00 PM
Kuala Lumpur 2:04 PM
Kepong Sentral 2:17 PM
Rawang 2:35 PM
Tanjung Malim 2:05 PM
Slim River 3:19 PM
Sungkai 3:34 PM
Tapah Road 3:47 PM
Kampar 3:57 PM
Batu Gajah 4:09 PM
Ipoh 4:20 PM


ETS Gold – EG 09

Station Time
Ipoh 4:00 PM
Batu Gajah 4:09 PM
Kampar 4:21 PM
Tapah Road 4:31 PM
Sungkai 4:44 PM
Slim River 4:59 PM
Tanjung Malim 5:13 PM
Rawang 5:43 PM
Kepong Sentral 6:01 PM
Kuala Lumpur 6:15 PM
KL Sentral 6:20 PM


ETS Gold – EG 10

Station Time
KL Sentral 6:00 PM
Kuala Lumpur 6:04 PM
Kepong Sentral 6:17 PM
Rawang 6:35 PM
Tanjung Malim 7:05 PM
Slim River 7:19 PM
Sungkai 7:34 PM
Tapah Road 7:47 PM
Kampar 7:57 PM
Batu Gajah 8:09 PM
Ipoh 8:20 PM


ETS Gold – EG 11

Station Time
Ipoh 5:00 PM
Batu Gajah 5:09 PM
Kampar 5:21 PM
Tapah Road 5:31 PM
Sungkai 5:44 PM
Slim River 5:59 PM
Tanjung Malim 6:13 PM
Rawang 6:43 PM
Kepong Sentral 7:01 PM
Kuala Lumpur 7:15 PM
KL Sentral 7:20 PM


ETS Gold – EG 12

Station Time
KL Sentral 7:00 PM
Kuala Lumpur 7:04 PM
Kepong Sentral 7:17 PM
Rawang 7:35 PM
Tanjung Malim 8:05 PM
Slim River 8:19 PM
Sungkai 8:34 PM
Tapah Road 8:47 PM
Kampar 8:57 PM
Batu Gajah 9:09 PM
Ipoh 9:20 PM


ETS Gold – EG 13

Station Time
Ipoh 6:00 PM
Batu Gajah 6:09 PM
Kampar 6:21 PM
Tapah Road 6:31 PM
Sungkai 6:44 PM
Slim River 6:59 PM
Tanjung Malim 7:13 PM
Rawang 7:43 PM
Kepong Sentral 8:01 PM
Kuala Lumpur 8:15 PM
KL Sentral 8:20 PM


ETS Gold – EG 14

Station Time
KL Sentral 8:00 PM
Kuala Lumpur 8:04 PM
Kepong Sentral 8:17 PM
Rawang 8:35 PM
Tanjung Malim 9:05 PM
Slim River 9:19 PM
Sungkai 9:34 PM
Tapah Road 9:47 PM
Kampar 9:57 PM
Batu Gajah 10:09 PM
Ipoh 10:20 PM


ETS Silver – ES 01

Station Time
Ipoh 10:00 AM
Batu Gajah 10:09 AM
Kampar 10:21 AM
Tapah Road 10:31 AM
Sungkai 10:44 AM
Slim River 10:59 AM
Behrang 11:07 AM
Tanjung Malim 11:14 AM
Kuala Kubu Bharu 11:27 AM
Rawang 11:48 AM
Sungai Buloh 12:00 PM
Kepong Sentral 12:06 PM
Kuala Lumpur 12:20 PM
KL Sentral 12:30 PM


ETS Silver – ES 02

Station Time
KL Sentral 11:00 AM
Kuala Lumpur 11:04 AM
Kepong Sentral 11:17 AM
Sungai Buloh 11:24 AM
Rawang 11:36 AM
Kuala Kubu Bharu 11:57 AM
Tanjung Malim 12:10 PM
Behrang 12:17 PM
Slim River 12:25 PM
Sungkai 12:40 PM
Tapah Road 12:53 PM
Kampar 1:03 PM
Batu Gajah 1:15 PM
Ipoh 1:30 PM


ETS Silver – ES 03

Station Time
Ipoh 3:00 PM
Batu Gajah 3:09 PM
Kampar 3:21 PM
Tapah Road 3:31 PM
Sungkai 3:44 PM
Slim River 3:59 PM
Behrang 4:07 PM
Tanjung Malim 4:14 PM
Kuala Kubu Bharu 4:27 PM
Rawang 4:48 PM
Sungai Buloh 5:00 PM
Kepong Sentral 5:06 PM
Kuala Lumpur 5:20 PM
KL Sentral 5:30 PM


ETS Silver – ES 04

Station Time
KL Sentral 3:00 PM
Kuala Lumpur 3:04 PM
Kepong Sentral 3:17 PM
Sungai Buloh 3:24 PM
Rawang 3:36 PM
Kuala Kubu Bharu 3:57 PM
Tanjung Malim 4:10 PM
Behrang 4:17 PM
Slim River 4:25 PM
Sungkai 4:40 PM
Tapah Road 4:53 PM
Kampar 5:03 PM
Batu Gajah 5:15 PM
Ipoh 5:30 PM


ETS Silver – ES 05

Station Time
Ipoh 9:00 PM
Batu Gajah 9:09 PM
Kampar 9:21 PM
Tapah Road 9:31 PM
Sungkai 9:44 PM
Slim River 9:59 PM
Behrang 10:07 PM
Tanjung Malim 10:14 PM
Kuala Kubu Bharu 10:27 PM
Rawang 10:48 PM
Sungai Buloh 11:00 PM
Kepong Sentral 11:06 PM
Kuala Lumpur 11:20 PM
KL Sentral 11:30 PM


ETS Silver – ES 06

Station Time
KL Sentral 9:00 PM
Kuala Lumpur 9:04 PM
Kepong Sentral 9:17 PM
Sungai Buloh 9:24 PM
Rawang 9:36 PM
Kuala Kubu Bharu 9:57 PM
Tanjung Malim 10:10 PM
Behrang 10:17 PM
Slim River 10:25 PM
Sungkai 10:40 PM
Tapah Road 10:53 PM
Kampar 11:03 PM
Batu Gajah 11:15 PM
Ipoh 11:30 PM


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  5. Santokh Singh

    ETS services have been rescheduled since 1st October but sadly not updated here. Had I not known it for a fact since I last travelled/checked on 28/29 September – I would have gone ahead with my travel plans. geartly inconvenienced by lack of information !!!

    1. LANDASAN Post author

      Dear Santokh,

      We will update our schedule as soon as possible. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.

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  8. Tan Soh Tuan

    I made an e ticket booking on 24th Sep 2014 and make payment via maybank2u, the transaction status was success stated by bank and a RM31.00 was deducted from my account , but was failed stated by online e ticket system, it meant my payment has made thru bank but my ticket booking was not success . So how can I track my payment and e ticket booking ?

    1. fairuz

      In case like this, I will call the main station (stated in the web site). They will ask you your info and reference number (transaction number from maybank2u).

  9. anuar bin muhamad

    I am working in ipoh and staying in taiping. need to know when the ets will start from taiping to ipoh. What is the estimated ticket price.

  10. Sami Hashim

    I would like the KTMB personel to answer the call of many Taipingites who are looking for a response from KTMB with regards to the second phase to the north?When can people travel from Taiping to KL and not from Ipoh?

  11. Patrick sim

    i) If I wish to change the date of travel, how do I go about changing the date on my ETS ticket?
    ii) Also, can I cancel the ticket and get a full refund, if I decide not to travel?

  12. Athirah

    Could you send to me the train schedule and fare from Hatyai to Sungai Petani. Can I buy the ticket online or I have to to go the counter? If yes would appreciate if you could provide me the link.

    Thank you.



    1. Meng

      There are station in Simpang Ampat, Penang but not seeing stop, waste if need to gonti next station in bukit mertajam or nibong tebal


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