Sistem tempahan tiket online KTMB E-Ticket dinaik taraf

E-ticket is temporarily unavailable from to-date untill Sept 13, 2010 due to system upgrading. For ticket reservations, kindly contact our KTM Call Center at 1-300-88-(KTMB)5862 (local) or +603-2267 1200 (overseas) or email to [email protected] or proceed to ticketing counter for direct purchase.

Untuk pengetahuan semua, KTMB E-Ticket tidak dapat diakses sehingga 13 September 2010 kerana sistem tempahan tiket KTMB sedang dinaik taraf. Unuk tempahan tiket bolehlah hubungi KTMB di talian tol rendah KTMB – 1300 88 KTMB (1300-88-5862) atau +603 2267 1200 (sekiranya membuat panggilan dari luar negara) atau email ke [email protected]

LANDASAN mencadangkan anda agar terus ke kaunter KTMB untuk tempahan tiket. Lebih mudah dan senang.

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Jadual KTM Antarabandar – berkuatkuasa 1 Ogos 2010

UPDATE: Untuk jadual terkini KTM Intercity (KTM Antarabandar), sila klik sini.

Bermula 1 Ogos 2010, perkhidmatan tren antarabandar KTM akan dijadualkan semula. Sektor yang terlibat ialah sektor Timur, Utara dan juga Selatan.

Untuk maklumat lanjut, sila klik di sini untuk fail PDF berkenaan dan juga sini untuk maklumat lanjut berkenaan KTM Antarabandar di LANDASAN.

Bermula pada tarikh tersebut juga, tren KTM tidak lagi akan berhenti di Stesen Kuala Lumpur (KLO – KL Old Railway Station) dan penjualan tiket di sana akan diberhentikan.

KEMAS KINI 14 OKTOBER 2012: Lihat laman Jadual Perjalanan KTM Intercity untuk mengetahui tentang jadual perjalanan KTM Intercity.

SR21 – Ekspres Langkawi: Hat Yai ke KL Sentral

  1. Hat Yai 1700 hrs
  2. Padang Besar
  3. Arau – 1900 hrs
  4. Alor Setar
  5. Sungai Petani
  6. Bukit Mertajam
  7. Taiping
  8. Ipoh
  9. Tanjung Malim
  10. Rawang
  11. KL Sentral – 0536 hrs (+1 day)

*the schedule is still incomplete, pending further information.

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RapidKL bus crash – 14th July 2009

On July 14th 2009, a U80 RapidKL bus from Shah Alam crashed onto Federal Highway’s motorcycle lane in Kuala Lumpur. Nevertheless, the driver only suffered from minor injuries and received outpatient while there are several people in the bus were injured badly.

A recall by one of the victims can be read here.

LANDASAN perspective

yes, such accidents do happen. While what happens can be said as parts of God’s plan (Islam and Christian supposedly have the same viewpoint in this), we should also understand that there is a urgent need for us to learn the lesson, albeit in hard way, and take necessary actions.

First of all, as one of RapidKL’s users, I found out that some of the times the bus drivers tend to drive the bus faster than most vehicles on the highway. Sure, most of them will deny this. By the way, RapidKL can obtain more accurate answers for this matter from GPS device attached (if there is any) and also from avid public transport users. Thus, actions can (actually) be taken against bus drivers who drive the bus in an unethical way.

Some of us might put the blame on the troublemaker vehicle (the one that allegedly caused the bus to swerve to the roadside). It might be true also as some of the passengers admit that they saw the vehicle speeding beside the bus just before the crash. Hmmm, that is another option.

Some blame the barriers at roadside are not strong enough to withstand extreme crashing force from the bus. That one I can say its true. Possible causes: Malaysia is not rich enough to purchase extra-strength road barriers, Extre-strength road barriers might harm road users, or Extra-strength road barriers is not practical to install.

The mystery remains unsolved.


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