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[November 13th 2012] KTM Berhad has changed their website design quite a number of times this year. Access time has improved throughout the years but it is still not as user friendly as some other transport service websites.

Six yellow boxes link to the most commonly visited link in the website. This is a nice addition with the new version.

Of another note, if you need a guide on using KTMB e-Ticket, visit this page for more information.

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[Announcement] LANDASAN in Malay Language

Hello visitors,

After a while, we have decided to separate between our English-language and Malay Language sites. Therefore, from now on, contents in LANDASAN (www.landasan.info) will be displayed fully in English within few months time.

For those who are seeking for information in Bahasa Melayu you can do so at our new sister site, LANDASAN [ms] (ms.landasan.info)

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[KTMB Announcement] KTM Komuter Revised Schedule




Dear valued customers,


Beginning 18th June 2012, KTM Komuter will operate with some changes on scheduling of departure time for all routes. The changes are made to adjust the use of both Three-Car Set and Six-Car Set MyKomuter which introduced previously on March.


However the service retained existing frequency every 15 minutes during peak hours for the sector between the Batu Caves – Klang and Bangi – Sungai Buloh. Frequency of other sectors remained every 30 minutes throughout the day.


Along with the implementation of this new schedule, the Six-Car Set MyKomuter will begin its service from Sungai Gadut to Rawang and from Rawang to Sungai Gadut.


Thank you.


Footnote : You may refer to the attachment for more info.


Taken from KTMB Official Website

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[KTMB Announcement] Temporary Closure of Batang Melaka Station

Due to the construction of the Seremban – Gemas Electrified Double Track Project, the Batang Melaka station will be temporary closed. The closure period will begin with effect from 15th May 2012 – 30th November 2012.

Teruskan membaca “[KTMB Announcement] Temporary Closure of Batang Melaka Station”

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[Announcement] Arrival and departure schedule by train stations

[July 12th 2011] Railway station information for the following states:

  • Selangor
  • Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

has been updated. Other states will be updated soon.

To book your ticket online, please visit KTMB e-ticket page and refer to this guide for more information.

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[Announcement] KTM Intercity Timetable according to route

Kepada semua pengguna LANDASAN,

Anda kini dapat menyemak jadual perjalanan KTM Intercity mengikut laluan (seperti Ekspres Rakyat, Ekspres Langkawi dan lain-lain).

Jadual ini hanya AKAN BERKUAT KUASA PADA 1 JULAI 2011.

Pihak LANDASAN kini dalam proses mengemas kini jadual perjalanan mengikut stesen (seperti yang terpapar mengikut ‘page’ stesen keretapi. Selain dari itu, kotak maklumat asas stesen (bukan jadual perjalanan) juga akan dikemas kini.

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KTMB e-ticket online booking

KTM Berhad Logo
KTM Berhad Logo

Good news for everyone:

Now you can book your KTM Intercity ticket online via KTMB e-Ticket website.

Please refer to this guide for more info.

Questions to ask?

Before you leave your questions in the comment box, LANDASAN would like to suggest you to read our “Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)” first.

Addition / correction of information

LANDASAN contains hundreds of pages and posts of information for your use. We are committed to ensure that our visitors will only receive correct and up-to-date information. Therefore, if there is any incomplete or wrong information, please let us via our “Contact Us” page.

updated on October 23rd 2012

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