KTMB e-Ticket Payment via Maybank2u

KTM Berhad (KTMB) has recently enabled passengers to pay for their e-Ticket booking via online banking portal, Maybank2u.

The addition of Maybank2u as the alternative payment method (the other only available payment method is by VISA/Mastercard credit/debit card) is seen to be more secure because users will need to log on to their online banking account and providing Transaction Authorization Code (TAC) for the transaction, on top of the usual username and password combination.

There is no booking fee charged for KTMB e-Ticket booking via this payment method. I have personally tried to use the Maybank2u payment method for my KTM Intercity ticket purchase and it worked perfectly.

For those who are booking their tickets, I would recommend to use Internet Explorer as your browser to ensure maximum compatibility.

Of note, after booking, there is no need to print the KTM Intercity e-Ticket. You can simply show your e-Ticket on your phone/tablet screen to the ticket inspector.

Other than KTM Intercity, e-Ticket is also available for ETS trains.

[KTMB Announcement] e-Ticket System Interruption

This announcement is taken from KTMB Official website:

Dear our valued customer,

We are sorry to inform that e-ticketing system is currently experiencing some difficulties for payment via Maybank2u.Technical expertise are in the midst of restoring the service.

For further information or ticket reservation, please contact;

1. Email : [email protected]

2. Telephone : 1-300-88-5862 ( 7.00 am – 10.00 pm)

We apologize on the inconvenience caused and thanking you for understanding and patience.

Customer Relation Unit, KTM Intercity


Source: KTMB Website

ETS Tickets can be Purchased at Several Additional Locations


An announcement was made by KTM Berhad Customer Relations Unit (Unit Perhubungan Pelanggan) about ETS ticket purchase options.

Now, users can purchase ETS tickets from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM at the following four railway stations (in addition to KL Sentral):

  • Subang Jaya
  • Shah Alam
  • Klang
  • Pelabuhan Klang

Click here for ETS Fares

Click here for ETS Schedules

source: KTMB official website

Tempahan tiket ETS secara dalam talian (online)

ETS Ticket Available Online (photo by KTM Berhad)
ETS Ticket Available Online (photo by KTM Berhad)

Berita baik untuk semua pengguna ETS! Kini, anda boleh membeli tiket ETS secara dalam talian (online) melalui laman e-Ticket KTMB.

Sila klik sini (Panduan dalam bahasa inggeris) untuk panduan membuat tempahan tiket ETS anda secara online melalui sistem e-Ticket KTMB.

Update: Click here for ETS Schedule for KL Sentral <-> Padang Besar Route

KTMB E-Ticket Booking Guide

First and foremost, log on to KTMB e-Ticket website (https://intranet.ktmb.com.my/e-ticket/login.aspx). Then proceed with the steps below.

1. When you open KTMB E-Ticket website, you will see the above screenshot.

(Click more to see the complete guide)

Teruskan membaca “KTMB E-Ticket Booking Guide”

KTMB e-ticket online booking

KTM Berhad Logo
KTM Berhad Logo

Good news for everyone:

Now you can book your KTM Intercity ticket online via KTMB e-Ticket website.

Please refer to this guide for more info.

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updated on October 23rd 2012

Tempahan tiket KTM Intercity secara dalam talian (online) melalui e-Ticket

Berita baik untuk semua:

Anda kini dapat membuat tempahan tiket KTM Intercity secara dalam talian melalui laman e-Ticket KTMB yang boleh dilawati dengan menekan butang Ticket Online di laman web rasmi KTMB, www.ktmb.com.my.

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Laman e-Ticket boleh dilawati di sini: pautan


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