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New Business Model for KTMB Freight

KTM Berhad Logo
KTM Berhad Logo

New business model is being proposed for KTMB Freight, the most profitable division in KTM Berhad as reported by Bernama.

The proposal, made by railway workers union, is championing the cause of rejecting Malaysian Mining Corporation (MMC)’s bid to invest up to RM 1 billion in KTMB Freight division. The main concern is if MMC takes over KTMB and suffer losses, employees would lose the benefits the they are currently enjoying such as bonuses, allowances, quarters and healthcare. Their proposal is to allow other private operators to use KTMB existing rail lines with their own rolling stock.

KTM YDM4 Diesel Locomotive
KTM YDM4 Diesel Locomotive

We think the step to attract private operators to use KTMB existing railroad network and paying tolls directly to KTMB will generate added revenue. Furthermore, the major constraint suffered by KTMB now is the limited number of rolling stock. In our opinion, we think the government should invest more in KTMB by providing them with reasonable number of rolling stock, in line with the ongoing double tracking project. KTMB’s current market share in cargo shipment of the country is really low with just about two to five percent.

With the promising progress of the double tracking project, we hope that KTMB will invest more on its cargo as well as passenger sector. This move will enable a more profitable KTMB and fulfilling the needs of commuters and commercial sectors.



Kod Untuk Bogie dan Koc Keretapi

Semasa kita menaiki keretapi, jika kita lihat di bahagian tepi koc atau bogie, kita akan melihat beberapa abjad diikuti dengan nombor. Abjad tersebut biasanya adalah kod untuk gerabak. Dalam artikel ini, kami akan berkongsi maklumat kod untuk bogie dan koc keretapi.

AV – Accumulator Van
BBC – Bogie Bulk Cement
BBS – Bogie Bulk Sugar
BCF – Bogie Container Flat
BCG – Bogie Covered Goods Wagon
BCK – Bogie Cattle Truck
BCP – Bogie Covered Parcel
BCT – Bogie Car Truck

BCW – Bogie Cistern Wagon*
BCW – Bogie Cattle Wagon*
BEB – Bogie Engineering Ballast
BFL – Bogie Flat Low Side Wagon
BFW – Bogie Flat Wagon
BGB – Bogie Guard Brake Van
BHB – Bogie Horse Box
BHS – Bogie High Side Wagon
BHT – Bogie Horse Truck
BHW – Bogie Hopper Wagon
BIV – Bogie Insulated Van
BLC – Bogie Log and Container
BLS – Bogie Low Side Wagon
BLT – Bogie Loco Tools Van
BLW – Bogie Log Wagon
BMV – Bogie Motor Van
BMW – Bogie Machinery Wagon
BPT – ???
BPV – Bogie Parcel Van
BPW – Bogie Pallet Wagon
BRF – Bogie Refrigerated Flat
BRW – Bogie Rail Wagon
BTA – Bogie Tank Ammonia Wagon
BTB – Bogie Tank Benzine
BTD – Bogie Tank Diesel
BTK – Bogie Tank Kelapa Wagon
BTL – Bogie Tank Latex
BTO – Bogie Tank Oil Wagon
BTP – Bogie Tank Palm Wagon
BTU – Bogie Tank Urea
BTW – Bogie Tank Water
BW – Bolster Wagon
BWV – Bogie Workmen’s Van
BWW – Bogie Well Wagon
CF – Container Flat
CG – Covered Goods Wagon
CPT – Container Platform Trucks
CR – Crane Runner
CW – Cattle Wagon
DCW – Double Deck Cattle Wagon
EB – Engineering Ballast
EV – Explosives Van
FL – Flat Low Side Wagon
FT – Fuel Truck
FV – Fish Van
GB – Guard Brake Van
HB – Horse Box
HCW – Horse & Cattle Wagon
HOTC – Half Open Top Containers
HS – High Side Wagon
IV – Insulated Van
LS – Low Side Wagon
LT – Loco Tools Van
LV – Luggage Van
LW – Log Wagon
MS – Medium Side Wagon
MV – Motor Van
PBCG – Port Bogie Covered Goods
PBFW – Port Bogie Flat Low Side
PBLS – Port Bogie Low Side
PCG – Port Covered Goods
PS – ???
RT – … Truck
SW – Wagons
TB – Tank Benzine
TD – Tank Diesel
TK – Tank Kelapa Wagon
TL – Tank Latex
TO – Tank Oil Wagon
TP – Tank Palm Oil
TW – Tank Water
WDB – War Department Box Car
WDF – War Department Flat Wagon Bogie
WDH – War Department High Sides Bogie
WDL – War Department Low Sides Bogie
WDPGB – War Department Platform Goods Brake Van
WNMV – ???
WV – Workmen’s Van

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More Train Engineers Needed in Malaysia

KTM Diesel Locomotive Class 23 (23106 – Gagah) at Arau Railway Station, Perlis
KTM Diesel Locomotive Class 23 (23106 – Gagah) at Arau Railway Station, Perlis

Recent developments in railway atmosphere in Malaysia have enabled greater access to rail transportation, thanks to mega projects such as the Electrified Double Tracking Project (EDTP). Recently the government announced that EDTP will be extended to Johor Bahru. As of now, EDTP between Kuala Lumpur and Ipoh is already in use. For Ipoh-Padang Besar stretch, EDTP is still in construction.

Newer technologies require new set of skills to be maintained. This is evident in Malaysia’s reliance towards foreign engineers in handling its sophisticated train system, such as the ones from United Kingdom. The usage of manpower from overseas is very expensive but it has to take place due to lack of engineers in Malaysian train industry.

Manpower is one of the problem that surfaces alongside recent development in railway industry. Other than that, we are also facing other problems such as rolling stock procurement and also the reliability of current rail tracks. The tracks need to be more durable and less subjected to failures, especially along routes usually taken by freight trains.

Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) chief executive officer Mohd Nur Ismal Mohamed Kamal said a lack of manpower in the sector resulted in Malaysia using the services of foreign engineers, such as those from the United Kingdom, to smoothen tasks involving the use of new technologies in the train system.

Source: BERNAMA news article