KTM ETS Food Service Quality


Recently, I came across an article in The Star complaining about food service quality onboard ETS train. According to the author, one of the crew members responded rudely when he was asked about the food. Apart from rudeness, complaints can also be seen about unavailability of staff to take care of the orders placed at Food and Beverage counter in ETS’ Food & Beverage coach.

As a service provider with dedicated coach for food and beverage service, KTM Berhad should look into this problem seriously. While there are currently many KTMB staff who can behave appropriately and responded timely with customers’ complaints, there are also some of the ‘rotten eggs’ who smear the overall image of KTM Berhad.

The article mentioned above is about six months old (as of June 2013) but we are hoping that KTM Berhad has conducted a thorough investigation about this problem and rectified it in whichever way necessary. This is important to ensure customer satisfaction is taken up to a higher level.

ETS service is a prime choice of commuters traveling between Ipoh and Kuala Lumpur. If the service quality (in terms of staff and on-time performance) can be improved, quite a number of people would not mind paying extra compared to public bus as long as they can have a comfortable ride between Ipoh and Kuala Lumpur.

We are hoping that KTM Berhad will continue to look into ways to improve ETS service because it has clear advantage over bus service, which is the ability to circumvent through traffic jams (they use railroads!)

Update on July 27th 2013: Dead link

KTM Berhad handed over plots of land in Kuala Sepetang to locals

KTM Berhad Logo

After living next to the country’s first railroad network for about 100 years, a number of Kuala Sepetang families can live better life with less worry as KTM Berhad has agreed to transfer the land ownership to them.

Initially, KTM Berhad asked the state government a RM35 million ringgit payment in return. However, after negotiations with state government, they have agreed only to transfer the land to the villages without anything in return.

KTM Berhad has a lot of underutilized land asset in Malaysia. We hope that KTM continues to try their best to ensure the plots of land are being used at their maximum potential, yielding more revenue for KTM. The added revenue can further be used for proper maintenance of trains and also buying new trains. Throughout the years we can see how the lack of adequate fleet of trains has hurt KTM Berhad operation efficiency. Therefore it is hoped that KTM Berhad tries its best to ensure best customer experience for its customers..

Source: The Star – KTM land given to Kuala Sepetang folk, published on May 4th 2013 [link]

Kit Siang, meter gauge is enough for the time being.

Kit Siang’s Blog Screenshot

Kit Siang’s attitude (via a post published on his official blog) towards Malaysian Electrified Double Tracking Project (EDTP) is skeptical. According to the post, it is not justifiable to spend about RM 9 billion on the project simply because our trains run on meter gauge rails and cannot move as fast as the ones on standard gauge rails.

His argument on inability of trains to move fast along meter gauge is flawed. He might forget about the terrain nature of Malaysia which prohibits the usage of standard gauge rails, especially around hilly areas. He might also overlooked the fact that turning the whole inter-city railroad service from narrow gauge to standard gauge is extremely expensive, especially this will also include the exorbitant cost of modifying, if not replacing our current narrow-gauge rolling stock.

He might also forget the fact that our trains also run through the border to Thailand, which also uses meter gauge. Changing to standard gauge will adversely affect our freight services, which accounts a significant portion of revenue to our national railway company, Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad (KTMB) [2]. Of note, meter gauge has been here for a long time and it is a de facto standard for Southeast Asia railway network. Decision to change our railroad system (which is currently connected to neighboring countries) cannot be made single-handedly. Easier said than done.

The standard-gauge-run Acela Express, the only high-speed train service in the United States has an awesome top speed, which stands at 240 km/h. However, its average speed is only at 110 km/h due to local regulations in some stretches of its route and also due to geographical and infrastructure limitations. High speed trains are possible if the railroads are made away from general population due to high noise produced. Given our current layout, which often crosses cities and villages, it is not feasible to have such a high speed rail network as an alternative to EDTP.

Malaysia is paving its way towards better railroad service. With the introduction of double-tracked railway between Ipoh and Kuala Lumpur, a new KTM service called ETS (Electric Train Services) was introduced, offering a premium service with comfy fleet of trains with various amenities. The service might not be as perfect as the ones offered in some other countries but we need to be aware that we are paving our way towards betterment. ETS has top speed of 140 km/h and offers only two-hour journey between Kuala Lumpur and Ipoh (non-stop). This is actually faster than cars (did I mention it is safer?).

Let us not forget that we HAVE ALREADY BEEN USING STANDARD GAUGE in our newer rail systems, such as LRT (both Ampang and Kelana Jaya Line) and KLIA Ekspres. The reason why we stick to meter gauge for inter-city rail system is due to the integration of our freight and passenger services to neighboring countries. Therefore, we can see that the current administration is able to realize the benefits of having standard gauge railways for speed and stability.

The EDTP project might have its flaws but by simply complaining without even care to seek solution is worse. Reading their comments about. This is most probably not written by Kit Siang but I write this response because the post resembles his viewpoint, unless he states otherwise. The current government is not perfect at all but that does not indicate everything they are doing is wrong. Consider doing some homework before complaining (and not giving specific solutions).



  1. Inter-city rail service in Malaysia uses 1-meter long narrow gauge while most other parts in the world
  2. KTM Berhad depends a lot on freight services to ensure its sustainability in business. KTM Intercity service is best known for their extremely cheap rates. This does not simply happen because KTM is generous. It is a company. It spends money on maintaining trains and stations and it needs every cent of them, be it from government’s initiative or fare collection from its users. Since the fare system barely gives them profit, they need KTM Freight to survive.

KTM Komuter Planned Maintenance Schedule 22 Dec 2012 to 10 Mar 2013

KTM Berhad Logo

What happened: Service delay between KTM Komuter Putra and Kuala Lumpur station.

Why: Track maintenance work between KTM Komuter Putra and Kuala Lumpur station.

When: Refer train schedule below.

To accommodate the service interruption for this sector, a shuttle bus service plying Sentul – Kuala Lumpur – Sentul is available for KTM Komuter passengers. Shuttle buses will pick up and drop off the passenger at the entrance of the stations involved.

Note: KTM Komuter services for Rawang – Sungai Gadut will be operating as usual.





22 .12.2012








23.02. 2013









09.03. 2013





For further information, kindly contact KTM Berhad Call Centre at 1-300-8-5862.

KTM Komuter 1Malaysia Discount Card Application Form

KTM Komuter 1Malaysia Discount Card Application Form

Dear readers,

You can begin your application via a downloadable PDF form here.

Please note that KTM Komuter 1Malaysia discount card is only available if you meet the following conditions:

  • Malaysian citizen
  • Monthly salary is below RM 3000

The downloadable PDF form for KTM Komuter 1Malaysia discount card can be obtained here.

Source: KTMB Official website

[LDSN News] LANDASAN QuickAccess: One table, plethora of information

LDSN QuickAccess

Introducing our new feature, LANDASAN QuickAccess! It enables you to reach LANDASAN’s popular pages faster and also displays schedule and fares.

We believe that our visitors, especially tourists, can make full use of this feature.

We have also updated most of RapidKL service and reduced dependency on external links. We did some cleanup on the articles as well to improve your reading experience.

As for KLIA Ekspres and KLIA Transit, we will improve the accessibility of the two services in the future. We would also apply this update to LANDASAN [ms] within the next few weeks.

We are travelers too, and we look forward to provide the best information to our customers.




KTMB New Website

[November 13th 2012] KTM Berhad has changed their website design quite a number of times this year. Access time has improved throughout the years but it is still not as user friendly as some other transport service websites.

Six yellow boxes link to the most commonly visited link in the website. This is a nice addition with the new version.

Of another note, if you need a guide on using KTMB e-Ticket, visit this page for more information.

KTMB gets a new chairman

This news article is taken from Utusan Online.

Ir. Mohd. Zin Pengerusi KTMB baru

16/11/2009 10:43am

KUALA LUMPUR 16 Nov. — Bekas Menteri Kerja Raya, Datuk Seri Ir. Mohd. Zin Mohamed dilantik sebagai Pengerusi Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad (KTMB) menggantikan Tan Sri Lim Ah Lek berkuatkuasa 1 Oktober lepas.

Menurut kenyataan Unit Komunikasi Korporat KTMB hari ini, pelantikan itu dibuat Kementerian Kewangan untuk tempoh dua tahun.

Mohd. Zin yang juga Anggota Parlimen Sepang, Selangor, pernah menjawat beberapa jawatan penting dalam syarikat-syarikat terkemuka di negara ini termasuk anggota Lembaga Pengarah untuk Perbadanan Putrajaya dan Telekom Malaysia Berhad.

Beliau memiliki kepakaran dalam bidang kejuruteraan awam peringkat sarjana dari Universiti Bradley, Peoria, Amerika Syarikat dan jurutera profesional berdaftar dengan Lembaga Jurutera Malaysia selain Ahli Persatuan Jurutera Awam Amerika Syarikat.

Penglibatan politik beliau bermula pada 1986 dan dipilih sebagai Ahli Majlis Tertinggi UMNO untuk penggal kedua dan Ketua UMNO Bahagian Sepang sejak 2004 selain menjawat jawatan sebagai Pengerusi Kelab Penyokong Kerajaan (BNBBC).

Mohd. Zin merupakan Presiden Alumni Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) dan pernah memegang jawatan Timbalan Menteri Kerja Raya dari 2004 hingga 2008. – Bernama

I would like to congratulate Datuk Seri for his appointment as the new KTMB Chairman. Eh, why KTMB frequently changes its chairman? KTMB is in the midst of transformation now, and I believe they are doing their best in order to give the company a brighter future. In my opinion, frequent changing of a leader is not really a good practice.

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