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KTM ETS Food Service Quality


Recently, I came across an article in The Star complaining about food service quality onboard ETS train. According to the author, one of the crew members responded rudely when he was asked about the food. Apart from rudeness, complaints can also be seen about unavailability of staff to take care of the orders placed at Food and Beverage counter in ETS’ Food & Beverage coach.

As a service provider with dedicated coach for food and beverage service, KTM Berhad should look into this problem seriously. While there are currently many KTMB staff who can behave appropriately and responded timely with customers’ complaints, there are also some of the ‘rotten eggs’ who smear the overall image of KTM Berhad.

The article mentioned above is about six months old (as of June 2013) but we are hoping that KTM Berhad has conducted a thorough investigation about this problem and rectified it in whichever way necessary. This is important to ensure customer satisfaction is taken up to a higher level.

ETS service is a prime choice of commuters traveling between Ipoh and Kuala Lumpur. If the service quality (in terms of staff and on-time performance) can be improved, quite a number of people would not mind paying extra compared to public bus as long as they can have a comfortable ride between Ipoh and Kuala Lumpur.

We are hoping that KTM Berhad will continue to look into ways to improve ETS service because it has clear advantage over bus service, which is the ability to circumvent through traffic jams (they use railroads!)

Update on July 27th 2013: Dead link

Laluan Bas GoKL Ditambah

KUALA LUMPUR, 22 Oktober 2019: Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (DBKL) dalam satu kenyataan media hari ini melaporkan bahawa laluan bas GoKL sedia untuk digunakan oleh orang awam. Berikut dipaparkan berita asal dari laman web rasmi DBKL:

Majlis Pelancaran Laluan Baharu (Biru Firus) dan Sistem Aplikasi GoKL telah disempurnakan oleh YB Tuan Haji Khalid bin Abd. Samad Menteri Wilayah Persekutuan. Turut hadir mengiringi, Dato’ Nor Hisham A. Dahlan, Datuk Bandar Kuala Lumpur; Tuan Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad, Ahli Parlimen Setiawangsa; Encik Muhammad Nizam Alias, Ketua Pegawai Operasi Kumpulan Prasarana; dan ketua-ketua jabatan Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (DBKL).

Perkhidmatan bas GoKL ini adalah inisiatif kerajaan dalam menyediakan bas percuma kepada warga kota bagi menggalakkan penggunaan pengangkutan awam di bandaraya Kuala Lumpur. Berkonsepkan “first and last mile”, perkhidmatan bas GoKL adalah boleh diharap, mampu dibayar, mudah diakses, selamat dan selesa.

Terdapat enam laluan bas GoKL sedia ada iaitu Green Line (KLCC – Bukit Bintang), Purple Line (Pasar Seni – Bukit Bintang), Red Line (HAB Titiwangsa – KL Sentral), Blue Line (HAB Titiwangsa – Bukit Bintang), Orange Line (HAB Titiwangsa – MINDEF) dan Pink Line (HAB LRT Universiti – PPR Seri Pantai).

DBKL dengan kerjasama Rapid Bus Sdn. Bhd terus komited dalam menyediakan perkhidmatan awam pengangkutan percuma Bas GoKL kepada warga kota. Oleh yang demikian, penwujudan laluan baharu telah diperluas ke kawasan yang padat dengan penduduk. Laluan ke-7 telah diperkenal iaitu Laluan HAB LRT Dato’ Keramat – Kelumpuk Bambu (Setiawangsa). Kekerapan laluan ini adalah setiap 15 minit dan panjang laluan adalah sepanjang 10 kilometer.

Perkhidmatan bas percuma di laluan strategik diharapkan dapat mengurangkan beban kehidupan warga kota dan mengurangkan kesesakan lalu lintas serta merealisasikan hasrat DBKL untuk menjadi bandaraya bebas karbon.

Sumber: Laman web rasmi DBKL:

KL – Singapore High Speed Rail Link: Abe Pitches Japanese Technology to Najib

The Japanese Prime Minister suggested the use of Shinkansen technology in building high speed rail link between Singapore and KL during their recent meetup session, as reported by The Straits Times Asia.

Constructing high speed rail service is not easy. The government alone cannot produce a project of this magnitude without affecting other aspects of country expenditure. Therefore, initiatives and partnerships from private firms is highly encouraged to take place. Government-linked Companies (GLCs) should also move their investment arms and turn this project into a successful venture.

The establishment of high speed rail link is expected to have some degree of negative impact towards KTM Intercity service. One source said that KL – Singapore is the most profitable route for KTM Intercity. Therefore, if the rail link is established, KTM Intercity revenue might be jeopardized.

Given the fact that the fares of KTM Intercity is tightly controlled by the government, we do hope that the government does not ‘cannibalize’ its KTM Intercity service. KTM Intercity has lots of room for improvement and it is sad knowing that the government is not doing enough to propel KTM Berhad to a greater height.

We hope that KTM Berhad will have some sort of control over the proposed high speed rail link. Its current business model might be improved in order for them to carry out their business in a more logical and rational basis.

New KL Monorail Trainset by end of December 2014

KUALA LUMPUR, December 17th 2014: RapidKL will add some new four-coach trainset to its existing KL Monorail fleet later this month.

The new four-coach trainsets have already undergone final testing rounds at the existing KL Monorail line, stopping at every stations. It is expected to reduce congestion commonly seen during peak hours, especially at stations such as Bukit Bintang and Imbi. The current ridership of KL Monorail stands at 72,000 and is expected to double after the new trainsets begin service (source).

Notable features of the new monorail include intercom for communications between passengers and train driver, CCTV on each coach, smoke detectors, top side windows that can be opened during emergency situations and LED station displays.

Near Medan Tuanku station, a new shopping mall has just been opened, which can increase the ridership of KL Monorail even further, considering its proximity with the station.

RapidKL bus crash – 14th July 2009

On July 14th 2009, a U80 RapidKL bus from Shah Alam crashed onto Federal Highway’s motorcycle lane in Kuala Lumpur. Nevertheless, the driver only suffered from minor injuries and received outpatient while there are several people in the bus were injured badly.

A recall by one of the victims can be read here.

LANDASAN perspective

yes, such accidents do happen. While what happens can be said as parts of God’s plan (Islam and Christian supposedly have the same viewpoint in this), we should also understand that there is a urgent need for us to learn the lesson, albeit in hard way, and take necessary actions.

First of all, as one of RapidKL’s users, I found out that some of the times the bus drivers tend to drive the bus faster than most vehicles on the highway. Sure, most of them will deny this. By the way, RapidKL can obtain more accurate answers for this matter from GPS device attached (if there is any) and also from avid public transport users. Thus, actions can (actually) be taken against bus drivers who drive the bus in an unethical way.

Some of us might put the blame on the troublemaker vehicle (the one that allegedly caused the bus to swerve to the roadside). It might be true also as some of the passengers admit that they saw the vehicle speeding beside the bus just before the crash. Hmmm, that is another option.

Some blame the barriers at roadside are not strong enough to withstand extreme crashing force from the bus. That one I can say its true. Possible causes: Malaysia is not rich enough to purchase extra-strength road barriers, Extre-strength road barriers might harm road users, or Extra-strength road barriers is not practical to install.

The mystery remains unsolved.




Kuala Lumpur, 16 Julai 2011 – Semua perkhidmatan tren yang melalui Stesen Kuala Lumpur akan mengalami gangguan ekoran insiden kren terbalik di platfom 4, Stesen Kuala Lumpur di kilometer 387.358 dekat sini, hari ini.

Insiden ini melibatkan kren seberat 60 tan yang sedang melakukan kerja-kerja menanggalkan iklan dan tiang ‘unipole’ oleh kontraktor yang dilantik oleh GANAD Media Sdn Bhd berhampiran platform 4, Stesen Kuala Lumpur. Kren ini gagal menstabilkan kedudukan lalu jatuh merintang ke atas bumbung dan kabel elektrifikasi di platform 4, 3 dan 2 Stesen Kuala Lumpur pada jam 12.44 pagi hari ini. Insiden ini telah menyebabkan laluan di platform 4, 3 dan 2 tidak boleh dilalui oleh tren dan hanya laluan di platform 1 yang bebas dari halangan.

Tiada sebarang kemalangan jiwa yang dilaporkan berlaku. Akibat dari insiden tersebut, beberapa perkhidmatan KTM Berhad telah mengalami gangguan iaitu:

Perkhidmatan KTM Komuter : Perkhidmatan bas disediakan bermula jam 6.00 pagi bagi memindahkan penumpang dari laluan Bank Negara – Kuala Lumpur – KL Sentral dan sebaliknya untuk meneruskan perjalanan ke semua hala yang melalui Stesen Kuala Lumpur. Perkhidmatan bas akan beroperasi sehingga waktu perkhidmatan terakhir iaitu kira-kira jam 11.45 malam.

Perkhidmatan KTM Kargo dan KTM Intercity : Tren akan beroperasi menggunakan satu aliran iaitu menggunakan laluan di platform 1 sahaja dan tren akan diperlahankan apabila melalui kawasan insiden. Dijangka akan berlaku kelewatan ketibaan dan berlepas antara 30 minit hingga satu jam.

Perkhidmatan ETS                   : Perkhidmatan bagi laluan KL Sentral – Ipoh akan bermula dan tamat di Stesen Sentul manakala bagi perkhidmatan Seremban – Ipoh, perkhidmatan akan ditamatkan di Stesen KL Sentral dan pengguna akan meneruskan perjalanan dari Stesen Sentul. Pengguna ETS boleh menaiki bas yang disediakan untuk ke Stesen bank Negara dan seterusnya meneruskan perjalanan ke Stesen Sentul dengan menggunakan perkhidmatan KTM Komuter. Mereka tidak perlu membeli tiket KTM Komuter dan hanya perlu menunjukkan tiket ETS untuk pengesahan.

Kerja-kerja pengalihan struktur, pembersihan dan pemasangan semula kabel-kabel yang rosak dijangka akan mengambil masa selama dua hari. Perkhidmatan dijangka kembali pulih sepenuhnya pada hari Isnin, 18 Julai 2011.

Insiden yang berlaku adalah sepenuhnya berpunca dari kesalahan pihak ketiga. Sebarang perkembangan terbaharu akan dimaklumkan dari masa ke masa.

KTM Berhad memohon maaf atas sebarang kesulitan yang timbul. Untuk maklumat lanjut, sila hubungi Pusat Khidmat Pelanggan KTMB  di 1-300-88-5862 atau laman

Sumber: Laman web rasmi KTMB (

Kadar Bayaran Parkir Motosikal di MidValley

Kadar bayaran parkir motosikal di parkir MidValley ialah RM 1.50 sekali masuk.

Bayaran boleh dibuat ketika masuk menggunakan tunai. Resit bayaran perlu disimpan kerana anda perlu menggunakannya semasa keluar nanti.

MidValley ialah sebuah pusat beli belah yang terkemuka di Kuala Lumpur. Pusat beli belah ini merupakan antara yang paling besar di Malaysia.