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MY30 Pass RapidKL: Apa Yang Anda Perlu Tahu

5 Jun 2020 – Perdana Menteri Malaysia, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin mengumumkan bahawa kerajaan Malaysia akan memperkenalkan pas perjalanan tanpa had terbaru, iaitu MY30 Pass RapidKL. MY30 Pass ini berfungsi seakan sama seperti MY100 sebelum ini. Namun begitu, terdapat beberapa persamaan dan perbezaan antara dua pas perjalanan berkenaan.

Persamaan dan perbezaan MY30 Pass RapidKL dengan MY100 Pass yang sedia ada:

CiriMY100MY30 Baharu
Tempoh sah30 hari30 hari
HargaRM 100RM 30
KelayakanWarganegara Malaysia sahajaWarganegara Malaysia sahaja
Kegunaan (RapidKL Sahaja)LRT Kelana Jaya / Ampang / Sri Petaling, Bas, KL Monorail, BRTLRT Kelana Jaya / Ampang / Sri Petaling, Bas, KL Monorail, BRT
Tempoh kuat kuasa15 Jun 2020 – 31 Disember 20201 Disember 2018 hingga sekarang
Perbandingan antara pas perjalanan tanpa had sedia ada MY100 RapidKL dengan pas perjalanan tanpa had terbaru MY30

Pakej ini hanya merangkumi perkhidmatan yang ditawarkan oleh RapidKL sahaja. Perkhidmatan KTM Berhad seperti KTM Komuter dan KTM ETS tidak termasuk dalam pakej MY30 Pass RapidKL ini.

Khidmat Pelanggan RapidKL

Berikut dipaparkan maklumat khidmat pelanggan (customer service) untuk syarikat ini.

Laman web:

Alamat e-mel: [email protected]

No. telefon: +603-7885 2585

Laman Facebook ( Laman Facebook mereka mempunyai lebih 201,000 pengikut (Mei 2020). Pengumuman dan promosi juga sering dikirim di laman Facebook ini.

Laman Instagram ( Laman Instagram mereka memiliki lebih 48,500 pengikut dengan 3,810 kiriman (Mei 2020). Pengumuman dan promosi juga sering dikirim di laman Instagram mereka.

Laman Twitter ( Laman Twitter mereka mempunyai 144,400 pengikut (Mei 2020). Pengumuman perkhidmatan dibuat melalui saluran ini.


  1. Teks ucapan Perdana Menteri – Pelan Jana Semula Ekonomi Negara (PENJANA) – Laman web rasmi Penjana
  2. Rapid KL My100 and My50 Unlimited Travel Passes Now Official; Activation Begins Today – Chief Chapree,, 1 December 2018

RapidKL bus crash – 14th July 2009

On July 14th 2009, a U80 RapidKL bus from Shah Alam crashed onto Federal Highway’s motorcycle lane in Kuala Lumpur. Nevertheless, the driver only suffered from minor injuries and received outpatient while there are several people in the bus were injured badly.

A recall by one of the victims can be read here.

LANDASAN perspective

yes, such accidents do happen. While what happens can be said as parts of God’s plan (Islam and Christian supposedly have the same viewpoint in this), we should also understand that there is a urgent need for us to learn the lesson, albeit in hard way, and take necessary actions.

First of all, as one of RapidKL’s users, I found out that some of the times the bus drivers tend to drive the bus faster than most vehicles on the highway. Sure, most of them will deny this. By the way, RapidKL can obtain more accurate answers for this matter from GPS device attached (if there is any) and also from avid public transport users. Thus, actions can (actually) be taken against bus drivers who drive the bus in an unethical way.

Some of us might put the blame on the troublemaker vehicle (the one that allegedly caused the bus to swerve to the roadside). It might be true also as some of the passengers admit that they saw the vehicle speeding beside the bus just before the crash. Hmmm, that is another option.

Some blame the barriers at roadside are not strong enough to withstand extreme crashing force from the bus. That one I can say its true. Possible causes: Malaysia is not rich enough to purchase extra-strength road barriers, Extre-strength road barriers might harm road users, or Extra-strength road barriers is not practical to install.

The mystery remains unsolved.


Sektor pengangkutan terganggu ekoran hujan lebat di Lembah Klang

KUALA LUMPUR (15 November 2010) Hujan lebat di sekitar Lembah Klang telah menyebabkan berlakunya banjir kilat dan kesesakan teruk jalan raya di kebanyakan jalan utama sekitar kawasan Kuala Lumpur sejak dari 4 petang.

Rangkaian jalan yang mengalami kesesakan teruk termasuklah Jalan Kuching, Jalan Duta, Jalan Tun Razak, dan sebahagian daripada Lebuhraya Persekutuan, termasuklah bahagian antara Angkasapuri dan Lebuhraya Damansara Puchong (LDP) dari Petaling Jaya ke Pusat Bandar.

Manakala bagi terowong SMART pula, keadaan trafik dilaporkan berada dalam keadaan biasa dengan semua laluannya dibuka untuk pengguna.

Berikutan keadaan hujan tersebut, perkhidmatan pengangkutan awam di Lembah Klang terganggu, termasuklah RapidKL Bus dan RapidKL Rail Kelana Jaya Line.

Seorang jurucakap dari RapidKL memaklumkan bahawa petir telah menyebabkan tren RapidKL Kelana Jaya Line gagal untuk berhenti di empat buah stesen utama iaitu Kampung Baru. Keadaan ini telah mengakibatkan kesesakan di stesen-stesen tersebut.


Sumber: TheStar, laman Twitter RapidKL

New KL Monorail Trainset by end of December 2014

KUALA LUMPUR, December 17th 2014: RapidKL will add some new four-coach trainset to its existing KL Monorail fleet later this month.

The new four-coach trainsets have already undergone final testing rounds at the existing KL Monorail line, stopping at every stations. It is expected to reduce congestion commonly seen during peak hours, especially at stations such as Bukit Bintang and Imbi. The current ridership of KL Monorail stands at 72,000 and is expected to double after the new trainsets begin service (source).

Notable features of the new monorail include intercom for communications between passengers and train driver, CCTV on each coach, smoke detectors, top side windows that can be opened during emergency situations and LED station displays.

Near Medan Tuanku station, a new shopping mall has just been opened, which can increase the ridership of KL Monorail even further, considering its proximity with the station.

Power Outlets Onboard Kelana Jaya Line LRT Trains

Apparently, RapidKL’s Kelana Jaya LRT line also have power outlets along the train. Please note that this is a 4-coach train. We believe 2-coach trains should also have this one.

While we are not sure whether passengers can use them or not, we can assure you that it is working. One of the possible uses is to charge dead mobile phones, tablets and bring them back to life. This is definitely useful, especially if you are on your way from KLCC to Kelana Jaya, which takes really long time.

Other than RapidKL Kelana Jaya LRT, KTM Komuter’s Class 92 trains are also equipped with power outlet. For Class 92, it looks like it is more intended for passenger use due to high number of them.

We are not sure yet on availability of power outlets on the following trains:

  • RapidKL Kelana Jaya LRT 2-coach trains
  • RapidKL Monorail
  • RapidKL Ampang Line
  • KLIA Transit / Ekspres
  • KTM Class 81 (KTM Komuter)
  • KTM Class 82 (KTM Komuter)
  • KTM Class 83 (KTM Komuter)
  • KTM Class 92 (KTM Komuter)

Kelana Jaya Line LRT Power Outage: TNB-RapidKL Blame Game

September 19th 2014 – A brief power outage has occured on 1:50 PM in some stations along Kelana Jaya line, causing commuters to be stranded at the stations as the crowd begin to swell as peak travel time draws near. According to statements made by RapidKL, the route between Masjid Jamek and Gombak station was affected by the outage. Fortunately, on 4:01 PM, power has been restored, just in time before workers find their way back home.

Although Kelana Jaya Line now has been equipped with new four-coach trains, congestion during peak periods is still a norm. It is not as bad as KL Monorail though.

During power outage, shuttle buses are being provided by RapidKL. However, the signage is not clear enough, with most of the instructions only comes from twitter.

Inter-service communication was smooth as we can see some notice put up via electronic display at Imbi KL Monorail station. However, when the service backs to normal, the signage was not updated promptly. This may cause confusion to commuters.

Translation: Kelana Jaya LRT service is fully functioning again. Any inconvenience caused are deeply regretted.

The Blame Game – RapidKL says:

On 1:50 PM, RapidKL announced the delay of Kelana Jaya Line, without mentioning specific reason of service delay.

Translation: KJ Line Update: We are having technical problems. Delays in schedule are expected.

Six minutes later they announced it was due to power fault between Masjid Jamek and Gombak.

Translation: KJ Line Update: 1350 hrs We are having power supply problems. Restoration work is being carried out.

About an hour later, they said it is because of Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB):

Translation: KJ Line Update: 1450hrs Kelana Jaya LRT service is still disrupted due to power supply interruption by TNB.

They even made a direct mention to TNB official twitter account, probably inducing commuters to address their complaints to TNB directly.

The Blame Game – TNB says:

Lets see what TNB has to say, via its corporate communications general manager, Omar Sidek:

“TNB would like to clarify that the stalled LRT services earlier Friday was due to switchgear fault at Rapid KL’s end.”

“We deny news reports that burnt TNB cables caused disruption to the LRT services”


While we cannot find conclusive evidence yet on the occurence, we believe some sort of miscommunication took place. We hope that emergency response team of both agencies will be more prepared for problems like this.

[LDSN News] LANDASAN QuickAccess: One table, plethora of information

LDSN QuickAccess
LDSN QuickAccess

Introducing our new feature, LANDASAN QuickAccess! It enables you to reach LANDASAN’s popular pages faster and also displays schedule and fares.

We believe that our visitors, especially tourists, can make full use of this feature.

We have also updated most of RapidKL service and reduced dependency on external links. We did some cleanup on the articles as well to improve your reading experience.

As for KLIA Ekspres and KLIA Transit, we will improve the accessibility of the two services in the future. We would also apply this update to LANDASAN [ms] within the next few weeks.

We are travelers too, and we look forward to provide the best information to our customers.